GIS position at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Great Smoky Mountains is once again hiring a 6 month Student Conservation Association (SCA) intern for GIS! Pass this along to applicants you know that are looking!

Position # is PO-00161328 GIS/GPS/Forestry Tech Intern

Unfortunately Great Smoky Mountains National Park staff are unable to provide assistance with navigating the SCA website to find the position application, nor can we accept phone calls or emails from applicants until the SCA has fully vetted applicants. Interested applicants should contact the Student Conservation Association directly with questions related to this position or how to apply. Thanks for your interest and good luck!

Your duties will include: using ArcGIS Desktop software and Trimble GPS Equipment to create and manage new GIS data layers; coordinating with park staff to organize existing spatial data and create and document procedures for updating geo-spatial datasets; mapping/scouting previous wildland fire sites mapping/scouting; coordinating vegetation management operations in Park.

Opportunity to work with other resource management branches (wildlife, fisheries, air quality, cultural resources) and divisions (e.g. resource education). Opportunity for independent project (possible with advanced arrangement). Potential for natural and cultural resource education events-(Smoky Mountain Field School), regional music events,
discounts at local attractions.


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