CLOSED: Summer Internship in Raleigh: Cherokee Edge

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

GIS Internship with Cherokee in Raleigh—Please distribute widely

Cherokee Edge, a new company started within Cherokee Investment Partners, is looking for a GIS intern for this summer (maybe more than one). Cherokee Edge is an energy business that will take advantage of small parcel, urban brownfields to re-purpose them as telecom data centers. There’s a strong case for this model from an environmental standpoint (using Cherokee’s expertise in cleaning up brownfields), an energy standpoint (the distributed microgrid system is becoming increasingly important), and a land use perspective. We have the flexibility to be creative with the land not taken up by the infrastructure (think parks, electric vehicle charging stations, etc.).

Use your GIS education in the real world this summer! We need to overlay a number of different data sets (brownfields, cell tower demand, etc.) to help us identify potential sites, and the internship will involve creating this mapping system. You must be a self-starter and proficient in some type of GIS software. Since you will be designing our mapping system from scratch, we have flexibility about which software you use. The start date will be in May; there is potential to start earlier part-time if the intern would like. This position will probably be unpaid, but we offer you a lot of flexibility, valuable experience, and job skills development in return. You can work remotely. Someone with an entrepreneurial drive could certainly turn this into a full time job for 3 months, and if this is what you want, we can assign you other responsibilities as well. Or this could be part-time with only the mapping project. We are happy to work with the school to give you class or thesis credit as well; this will definitely be an educational experience! There is also a good chance that, with your help, this will turn into a paid year round position with the potential for full-time employment upon graduation.

Submit your resume (or questions about the job) to Elizabeth Darden at edarden -@- We will take applicants until April 13th, but we encourage you to apply early.


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