mobile consulting assistance 

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

This was sent to me to post… -Jeff

My name is Tyler. I am local to Raleigh and studied at NCSU in the past.
I am interested finding a teacher or top of the class student to consult me on some GIS mapping that I am doing for work projects (As soon as possible).
I have been using both Delorme Xmap and ArcGIS for these projects and I am looking to consult with someone who could help answer some simple questions and streamline my mapping process. For this project I will be primarily using ArcGIS. These particular maps involve land ownership and land use. I may be interested in working with someone who could develop applications that are compatible with mobile (tablet) pc’s so that I can make map, database, and document updates from the mobile (tablet) pc, while working in the field. I could pay someone for consulting if needed. My questions may keep someone busy for 3 hours.

Tyler Nethers
Phone: 765 721 0106
Email: netherspt at


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