GIS Technician Position with NC Forest Service

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

NC Division of Forest Resources Temporary GIS Project Assistant

Position Title: GIS Project Technician

Location: Statewide data management position located in Raleigh – DFR Central Office

Duration: 11 month position, 40 hours/week. No benefits. Renewable annually depending on funds.

Salary: 14.68 hr

Required Skills:
Familiarity with the use of ArcGIS 9.x and higher, including ArcMap and ArcCatalog, for managing GIS data and producing maps. Familiarity with Microsoft Office software such as Excel and Access. Ability to work in an office environment and interact with coworkers. Experience/education in natural resource management required.

Description of Duties:
Review and verify the spatial accuracy of data in DFRs accomplishment and fire reporting databases, produce reports highlighting any found inaccuracies, and assist in correcting those inaccuracies when possible. Coordinate with the appropriate DFR staff to correct errors.

Collect and consolidate data layers generated by Regional/District/County personnel in Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) projects, Firewise community plans and Community Protection Plans (CPP).

Add tabular and geospatial datasets to ArcMap and symbolize data appropriately.

Create maps using consolidated data to meet the needs of the Safety Planning and Analysis section.

Convert data sets between various desktop computer formats such as MS Access, Excel, CSV, shapefiles, and file geodatabases.

Under the direction of DFR’s GIS Coordination Forester, continue to develop and expand the standard core base GIS layers and information critical to DFR Statewide geodatabase project.

Assist with the incorporation of project data into district, regional and statewide operations room GIS projects. Assist personnel with delivery of GIS information to other cooperating agencies on an as needed basis.

Ancillary duties to include directory structure organization and maintenance, assist with training on an as needed basis, and support the central office operations room as a GIS Specialist.

If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to the Division of Forest Resources GIS Coordination Forest, Andrew Bailey, at

PDF Version of Position Announcement


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